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Studying abroad is an incredible opportunity for you to immerse yourself in a new culture, gain valuable academic experience, and broaden your horizons. However, amidst the excitement of planning for an international adventure, one crucial aspect often overlooked is insurance coverage. We encourage you to review this important insurance information and ensure that you are adequately covered for your study abroad investment. 

Why is Insurance Essential for Studying Abroad?

Healthcare Coverage: Access to quality healthcare is paramount, especially when you're far from home. Insurance for studying abroad ensures that you have coverage for medical emergencies, routine healthcare needs, and prescription medications, providing peace of mind and ensuring your well-being throughout your time abroad. ECC partners with Lewermark and GeoBlue to provide insurance for institutional study abroad programs. For more information, visit  

Emergency Assistance: Unexpected situations can arise while studying abroad, ranging from lost passports to natural disasters. Having travel insurance with emergency assistance services can be a lifesaver, offering support and guidance in navigating challenging circumstances, including medical emergencies, evacuation, and repatriation.

Financial Protection: Studying abroad involves significant financial investment, including tuition fees, accommodation, and travel expenses. Insurance coverage for trip cancellation, interruption, or delays can mitigate financial losses due to unforeseen events such as illness, injury, or family emergencies that may disrupt your plans.

Personal Liability: Accidents happen, and being held liable for causing injury or damage while studying abroad can result in legal and financial consequences. Insurance coverage for personal liability protects you in such scenarios, covering legal expenses and damages up to the policy limit.

Choosing the Right Insurance for Your Study Abroad Program

Research and Compare: Take the time to research and compare insurance plans designed specifically for studying abroad. Look for policies that offer comprehensive coverage tailored to the needs of college students participating in international programs.

Understand the Coverage: Read the policy documents carefully to understand what is covered, including medical benefits, emergency assistance services, trip cancellation/interruption, and personal liability coverage. Pay attention to coverage limits, exclusions, and any pre-existing condition clauses.

Check Program Requirements: Some study abroad programs may have specific insurance requirements for participants. Many programs include basic medical insurance as part of the program cost but do not include travel insurance (interruption for any reason or cancellation for any reason insurance). Ensure that the insurance plan you choose meets or exceeds these requirements to avoid any issues with enrollment or participation in your program.

Consider Additional Coverage: Depending on your destination and activities planned during your study abroad program, you may need additional coverage such as travel medical insurance, evacuation insurance, or coverage for high-risk activities.

Plan Ahead: Purchase insurance coverage well in advance of your departure date to ensure continuity of coverage from the time you leave your home country until your return.

Get Started Today

Don't leave your study abroad experience to chance! ECC strongly recommends all students purchase travel insurance. You can search for plans at Travel Guard or through your airline. Remember - ECC does not provide insurance, and it is your responsibility to be aware of the coverage provided by the insurance plan(s) included in your study abroad program, if applicable. Insurance can help keep you safe and protect your investment while you study abroad!